In my many years of learning to code, I can tell you one thing - the decentralized world is seriously inaccessible. The blockchain community is full of confusing acronyms, and web3 developers seem to just live in a different world to web2.

My mission is to change this.

I want to make it easier for new devs to get started with web3 and blockchain. I want decentralized apps to be normalized. I want users to be encouraged to engage without being aware of the tech.

Have a look at my social media and projects below to join me towards building a better web!


I've started a YouTube channel to share beginner and intermediate decentralized tutorials, as well as explaining basic blockchain concepts.


From 3 minute introductory videos to hour-long explainer sessions, you'll feel like a decentralized pro in no time. I'll teach you all about what decentralization means, web3, and why it's so important today.


The decentralized world has no limit. You can build anything from DeFi applications to social media, and I'll guide you through the process. No prior knowledge required.

Career tips

I’ve collected real questions from real interviews at top companies including Google, Amazon, and Netflix, for you to put your new knowledge to the test.

I write on


I write articles on to make my tutorials more accessible, and talk about more fun introductory programming concepts. I also use DEV to connect with the community and offer my productivity tips. Check out my most popular articles below!